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Pallaki lo Pellikuthuru

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The film follows Rani, a woman who is due to marry anĀ NRI. She attends a school called Pallaki College to help her get accustomed to the American way of life. The school is run by Gowtam’s family. Whether Gowtam expresses his love to Rani or lets Rani marry an NRI forms the rest of the plot.

GENRE: Romantic Comedy


DIRECTOR: Suchithra Chandrabose

DATE OF RELEASE: 30th July 2004

RUNNING TIME: 143 Minutes

CAST: Raja Gowtham, Rathi

CREW: Screenplay – K Raghavendra Rao, Cinematography – V Srinivasa Reddy, Edit – Marthand K Venkatesh, Music – MM Keeravani